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With over 30 years of experience, rest assured there’s no drainage problem we can’t fix at James Drains Solutions.

Regular maintenance of your drains – including drain cleaning – is the best way to avoid blocked drains. Blockages don’t only come from debris or leaves, with grease, soaps, silt and many other things contributing to the problem.

Drain Cleaning – Fast, Convenient Service

Our professionals can eliminate these build-ups in seconds with our high-pressure water jets, providing an exceptional level of drain cleaning and sparing you from the consequences of blockages like terrible smells and overflowing toilets.

The speed which our professionals offer allows us to make our drain cleaning work as convenient as possible for you. There’s nothing worse than having to interrupt your daily routine to wait for engineers to fix issues that seem to take forever. Most of us have had to take time off from work to wait for help to arrive, diagnose the problems and complete their work.

Convenience is at the very heart of James Drains Solutions. Our drain cleaning can be completed incredibly quickly, reducing the time our professionals have to spend on-site at your property, in-turn keeping the cost of the work under control.

Suspect a Drain Cleaning Problem? Speak to a Specialist

If you suspect there may be a drainage issue in your property – no matter how small – it’s best to contact us and arrange for our professionals to diagnose the problem. Even the smallest of issues can keep growing until it poses a real risk to your property.

Whether you prefer to deal with us as-and-when issues arrive, or prefer for us to visit you at scheduled times, our drain cleaning service is designed to meet your needs – at any time of day.

More companies and households are electing to have regular drain cleaning and maintenance conducted on their drainage systems. Regardless of which option you prefer – James Drains Solutions are fully equipped to help you.

Getting the work done

When our specialists arrive to discuss the required work, all we need is for you to tell us the nature of the problem and where it’s located. Our team will simply get to work, allowing you to get on with other things. Emergency calls, scheduled maintenance or a one-time drain cleaning – our approach to the job is always the same.

We get the work done well, as quickly as we can, for the best possible price. Fill in our contact form or call freephone 0800 037 5112 to discuss your drain cleaning today.

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