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Drain unblocking can be a dirty, unwanted job for any ordinary person. At James Drains Solutions, however, it is our speciality with blocked drains being no problem whatsoever for our experienced team of experts.

With the best tools for the job at their disposal, our team can help you when you need them the most. We pride ourselves on being available to you 24/7, giving you peace of mind that your toilet, sink or shower blockage will be safe in our hands when it comes to drain unblocking.

Blocked Drains – Warning Signs

A blocked drain can be caught early via a number of early warning signs, including:

  • Bad smells.
  • A slow draining toilet, sink or shower.
  • Gurgling noises from drains.

You’d be surprised as to the different causes of household blockages that our professionals have fixed over the years. Ordinary objects like toothbrushes, toys…even watches can be the source of potential misery. Having successfully drain unblocking for years, we’ve handled everything that the drainage industry has thrown up over the last 30 years, rest assured that we’ll identify and fix the problem in a speedy manner.

What can we fix?

A common misconception in the drainage industry is that it’s only easy to get help for household blockages like toilets and sinks. James Drain Solutions offer assistance with more complex blockages like sewers and drains of any diameter. As we use the most up-to-date technology available in our industry, we’re ideally placed to help you regardless of how complex your blockage may be, whether it can be solved by a simple case of Drain Jetting or a more complex type of drain unblocking, we have the experience to deal with it.

Drain Unblocking Cost structure

By speaking to our specialists, we’ll clarify exactly how much our work it will and and then be able to work out how much it will cost beforehand with our fixed pricing structure. As you’ll be aware of the price before the work starts, you can relax knowing that you’ll receive the best possible work for the lowest possible price.

Serving the local area

We have been drain unblocking and drain cleaning in the Manchester, Warrington, Stockport & Cheshire areas for over three decades, rest assured that we can be with you quickly, ready to begin work. Once you contact our team, we’ll explain how quickly we can reach you and what to expect when we arrive.

Responsibility for drain maintenance and repair

It’s not widely known who is responsible for certain individual aspects of sewer and drain repairs and maintenance. Back in 2011, the Government decided to shift the responsibility for the repair and maintenance of private sewers and lateral drains to water and sewage companies.

It’s important for individuals to consider as while certain responsibilities have shifted, individuals are still liable for:

  • The part of the drain on their property that extends past the property boundary.
  • Shared private sewers with another property owner.

James Drain Solutions can help you meet your obligations, protecting you against unforeseen costs that can arise out of the blue.

Call us now on freephone 0800 037 5112 or fill in our contact form and we’ll be back in touch with you in no time.

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