Manhole Inspections

Manhole Inspections by the specialists

Manholes and inspection chambers need to be inspected regularly to protect your business and employees against the many dangers that can occur.

Why do we need manhole inspections?

Quite simply, manholes and inspection chambers are dangerous places, accessed only by those with the proper skills and training. Gases from the sewers can either injure or kill those without the expertise to do the required work. James Drain Solutions have a full understanding of all the connected safety factors, rules and regulations and can help you get your system fully compliant.

Consequences of non-compliance

Failure to comply with the appropriate guidelines can leave your organisation open to legal action which may result in fines, penalties or more serious action. To say nothing of the potential physical dangers to the employees, workers and specialists who’ll use the system.

Once we’ve diagnosed the problem, our professionals will keep you fully up-to-date on our progress and provide you with a full written report on what work needs to be done.

Attention to detail

It isn’t only gaseous emissions that can cause problems with manhole access, the possibility of structural failure is of major concern.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to manholes, they vary in size and complexity depending on each individual client. James Drains Solutions employs the same CCTV technology we use for drain inspections to carry out manhole inspections, enabling us to do the best possible and safest work.

As safety is paramount, we adapt our approach to the requirements of the job. Our range of camera equipment gives us the ability to cover every relevant inch of the manhole, reducing the risk of structural failure exponentially. After taking the time to thoroughly investigate the manhole, we’ll then get to work applying the required treatment, including relevant coating methods and rehabilitation techniques.

The value of reporting

Over the last 30 years, James Drains Solutions has worked with clients across all sectors and industries. We’re fully experienced in providing in-depth reports to match your requirements, however detailed they may be.

However it’s the ease of access which you’ll appreciate most. It’s our job to take the technical details of the work we do and convey them in a straightforward and honest manner.

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