It’s important to keep up with septic tank cleaning

As far as most homeowners in the UK are concerned, their drainage system is out of sight and out of mind. But if you live off the grid and are out of range of services such as the public sewage system, you’ll need to make arrangements for waste disposal yourself.

A septic tank system is one of the ways to manage your household waste. To make sure that it’s able to operate as efficiently as possible, you need to ensure you carry out regular septic tank cleaning.

It’s recommended that you arrange to have your septic tank pumped around once a year. Sludge and scum build up over time even in the most efficiently operating systems and the frequency depends on your household’s needs and usage of the drainage system.

If septic tank maintenance is neglected then eventually the system will overflow – not a pleasant experience and the local authority can oblige owners to have their septic tank cleaned if it gets to this stage. Regular septic tank maintenance is much cheaper than having to fix a system failure.

Proper waste management is key to septic tank maintenance

The best way to ensure your septic tank remains in good working order for as long as possible is to treat it properly. Septic tanks are only equipped to handle waste and water – they shouldn’t be used for household rubbish.

That’s only going to cause the system to clog up and break. Be careful what you put in the drain. Avoid things such as fats; grease; absorbent towels; wet wipes; solids or coffee grounds. This will help you to keep the need for septic tank cleaning to a minimum. Make sure that you don’t put chemicals down the drain either. Septic tank systems work through a delicate organic system. Cleaning chemicals can disrupt this and throw off the functioning of the septic tank.

When it is necessary, as part of the system’s upkeep, make sure to come to a professional. At James Drains Solutions, we have the proper equipment to clean septic tanks. We’re able to dispose of the waste at approved treatment sites too. Septic tanks are such a critical part of your household that it isn’t worth taking a chance when it comes to maintenance. Our team is experienced when it comes to waste management systems. We’ll make sure that your septic tank system is fully maintained and able to serve your home well.

Septic Tank Emptying

Septic tank emptying

When the time for septic tank emptying comes round, you need to contact someone that has experience and is fully certified for the emptying of your septic tank. Septic tank emptying requires specific training and certification to be carried out successfully and properly.

Any non biodegradable substance that has been flushed into the system or at least waste that is not decomposed by the anaerobic digestion will always and eventually, need to be  be removed from the septic tank. Should you fail to remove any such substances from your tank, it simply fills up and the wastewater containing any un-decomposed material will discharge directly into the drainage field. Not only can this be environmentally damaging, but if the sludge overflows the septic tank into the leach field, it could cause the leach field piping to be come clogged up or decrease the soil porosity itself and that would require expensive repairs.

There are severe legal penalties for anyone that discharges their septic tank in a manner deemed inappropriate. The fines this action carries can run into thousands of pounds, so if you need advice on any aspect of septic tank emptying, cleaning or maintenance, contact our specialists and discuss your requirements

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