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James drains offers a professional service at an affordable price to customers in Bolton having previously undertaken several types of jobs in the town of Bolton you can be confident that James drains have the tools required to unclog those blocked or backed up drains.

A customer got in contact with us regarding a blockage in one of their drains which was situated in the back garden, we the blockage had been recurring for some years and caused several tenant’s issues for many years.

Our local technician turned up at the customers home address on St Helens Rd, Bolton BL3 3NL.

It quickly became apparent that the drain had completely blocked allowing no water to pass into the main sewage system.

Our engineer had to first remove the water that was causing slight flooding to the rear of the house once, a simple technic was first used to dislodge the blockage to allow the water to drain away.

After a few pokes around we knew that the blockage was at least 4 meters into the drainage system and with the water successfully draining into the sewer we requested that the customer undertake a CCTV Drain Survey which will also allow us to determine what is causing a reoccurring blockage.

What Did the Survey Tell Us About This Blockage?

The survey uncovered some potential issues with the drainage system there was a lot of fatty buildups which have been accumulating within the drainage system over many years.

There were also a few slight faults that were detected by the survey which uncovered some small fractures in the system, which didn’t immediately need to be addressed.

Once the survey uncovered the blockage we immediately got to work and started to clean the drainage system.

Drain Cleaning Commences

Drain cleaning is relatively an uncomplicated process that involves having a high-power pressure washer with special adaptors that allow for easy access to a drainage system.

Once installed in the drainage system the unit then sprays high pressured water directly at the problem and causes the fatty build up to break down at a rapid rate and the water will wash the remaining residue into the sewage system.

Afterwards we install the CCTV device into the drainage system to ensure that the blockage is entirely broken up and no remains are left that could lead to another blockage soon.

James Drains Drainage System Advice: Top Tips

With every drain we unblock we offer advice to stop these problems from reoccurring the advice given on this occasion was to reduce the number of fatty food deposits that go into the drainage system, things, like washing frying pans or pouring oil directly into your sink, will cause a blockage either in the main system or the sink itself.

To avoid greasy build-ups, you should reuse the bottles and fill them with the excess fat from fried food or chip pans.

Need Our Services?

James drains are available 24/7 meaning that you can be rest assured we will be there whenever you need us, we understand that drainage systems can cause problems for homeowners and tenants which is why we offer a 1-hour response time to customers in Bolton.

Contact James drains today for more information 0800 037 5112 or for less urgent enquiries .

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