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To achieve the deepest and most effective clean for your drains, we at James Drain Solutions use state-of-the-art high-pressure water jets to tackle your blocked drains.

High pressure water jets – keeping your costs low

There are a number of benefits to using this technology, most importantly we can treat your blockage within seconds. This allows us to offer an affordable and cost-effective service that’s fast and hassle free.

Although our drain jetting system is designed for clearing blocked drains, it’s not just blockages that benefit from our high-pressure water jetting. Our water jet treatments are ideal for reduced flow issues suffered by your drains, toilets…even sewers. Our highly trained professionals can demonstrate the other uses of the water jet treatment, including;

  • Blasting grime from rubbish skips.
  • Strip grease and other blemishes from garage doors.
  • Remove dirt from machinery, appliances, floors, walls and ceilings.

The versatility of our water jet service is what continually surprises clients every day. Often clients will find two or three additional purposes where they can benefit from the water jet treatment. Our specialists are always open to discussing specific jobs which you have in mind and can act on these quickly.

Trained to handle specialist drain jetting equipment

As fast as our water jet equipment can be, only those with the appropriate training should operate the equipment. We train our staff rigorously, so you can have every confidence that the specialists we send to do the job aren’t just willing to help – we’re able to help.

Our drain jetting equipment can go through gallons of water every minute, so you’ll gain an idea of just how quick and powerful our repairs can be. By speaking to our specialists, we can describe just what equipment and machinery is required for each individual job. If there are any potential complications on an individual job, we’ll inform you upon arrival and just what alternatives will be required.

Regulatory bodies like the Water Jetting Association operate to a specific code of practice, enabling members and practitioners to do the very best work possible.

To speak to one of our specialists about drain jetting, contact us using our online form or call us on freephone 0800 037 5112 to discuss what your job will entail.

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Drain Jetting & Cleaning in Warrington, Wigan & Cheshire
Drain Jetting & Cleaning in Warrington, Wigan & Cheshire

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