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James Drains are experts in drain lining and Relining this process is used to seal minor breaks or cracks in the drainage system itself to increase the lifespan and is a cheaper alternative to replacing the pipe which is broken which can be a costly job.

All our services are fully comprehensive, and we can ensure you that your drainage system is in left tip-top condition on the departure of our engineer.

How complex is a drain lining procedure?

Drain lining is a straightforward process but I require a specialised machine to shoot the liner into the drainage system before been carried out it may require a CCTV Drain Survey to ensure there is nothing currently in the drainage system that may hinder the sealing process.

Once the drain has been checked for debris and the crack has been located, it may require a quick a jetting to remove any debris that may cause the lining to not seal correctly or hinder its path to the far end of the drainage system.

The lining machine is then used to push the line in the pipe which will then travel to the far end of the drainage system to be picked up at another manhole in another existing part of the drainage system.

This process requires absolutely no digging, meaning your property does not need to undergo any extensive changes such as your patio or lawn been turned over to get the drainage system. Which is why it has become such a popular fix for drainage systems all over the country.

Once the lining is inside of the drainage system it will then expand create an airtight seal between the pipe and the lining itself.

Interested in having your drainage system lined?

If you’re looking to have a professional drain lining service, you can be assured that James Drains provide a seamless service to ensure your drainage system has no further leaks.

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