Septic Tank Emptying

James Drain Solutions offer a range of fast, efficient and convenient septic tank emptying and desludging services.

These services are available to household and business customers who own a septic tank which takes standard waste, such as sewage, grime and wastewater.

Like all of our services, regular maintenance is the best way to avoid any major problems in the long run. Instead of waiting for a problem to occur with your septic tank system on your premises, it is much better to keep it well maintained, with regular emptying and inspection, and we can provide regular septic tank emptying an intervals which suit your household or business.

How Important Is Septic Tank Emptying?

For health and safety reasons, we recommend that your septic tank is emptied annually – at the very least. However, various factors affect how often the septic tank must be serviced including the plumbing system in the property, and how many people live or work there.

Regular inspections of your tank are important as there is no set answer for everyone.

Septic tank emptying requires specific training and certification, and they can only be emptied by Waste Disposal Contractors who are licensed for the removal. This is because all sludges and liquids must be taken to a sewage works for further treatment and sterilisation. There are legal penalties for individuals who discharge their septic tank in a manner deemed inappropriate, and the fines can run into thousands of pounds.

At James Drain Solutions we have all of the relevant qualifications, as well as a wealth of experience with waste disposal, and can take care of all septic tank emptying services. We will dispose of the septic tank contents in a fast, efficient and professional manner in accordance with registered waste handler directives.

How to Prepare for Septic Tank Emptying

To ensure the best possible service from our septic tank technicians, there are a few simple steps to take in preparation:

  • Provide easy access to your septic tank – especially the lid – and make sure any debris is removed from the area.
  • Ensure that the tank lid is safe to lift.
  • Consider the amount of people required to lift the septic tank lid.

Common Septic Tank Problems

The most common issues stem from a lack of ongoing maintenance. Septic tank must be emptied in regular intervals, and we recommend that they are emptied annually. If not, the waste materials in the tank will turn to ‘sludge’ over time, and eventually this will clog up the entire system.

Another common problem with septic tanks is inadequate installation. If your septic tank is not installed properly at first, this can cause a lot of problems down the road. This is why it is important to deal with certified waste disposal experts like us.

Another problem can be with the soakaway of the septic tank. Bad smells can be a tell-tale sign of problems with the soakaway, and should always result in a call to a septic tank specialist. Issues could involve clogging or blocking in the soakaway itself, or the ground conditions may damage efficient soakaway performance.

Request a Septic Tank Desludging

James Drain Solutions specialize in septic tank cleaning and can assist you with any advice on any aspect of septic tank maintenance.

To request a septic tank emptying and desludging, or if you would like a free quote or advice, please contact us online or call us today on 0800 037 5112.

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