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Blocked Drains Crewe

Any kind of drain obstruction can lead to serious problems in your property. Structural damage is a common issue following any kind of blockage. If you’re suffering from blocked drains in Crewe, you could also be causing a range of health hazards too. The only way to keep your property free from damage, and protect your health, is to eliminate these issues.

Here at James Drains, our professional team of drainage specialists and engineers can deliver complete unblocking services. Over the years, we have worked on commercial and domestic properties. We can deal with man-made and natural blockages. Where required, our experienced team can even deliver drain pipe repairs and replacement services.

Blocked Drains Repairs in Crewe


What are the Common Causes of Blocked Drains in Crewe?

Blocked drains can be caused by a variety of materials. Drains can become obstructed when they are forced to deal with unsuitable components. These are normally caused by misuse and human error, however there is the risk that natural materials can cause damage to drainage systems in Crewe.

Some of the most common causes of blocked drains for properties in Crewe can include:

  • Solid Food Waste, Fats, Oils and Greases (FOGs).
  • Tree Roots.
  • Compacted Leaves.
  • Disposing of Unsuitable Waste, including:
    • Wet Wipes and Baby Wipes.
    • Makeup and Feminine Products.
    • Kitchen Roll.
    • Hair and Soap Scum.

Do I Have Blocked Drains in Crewe?

If you pay attention, you’ll be able to tell if your drains are suffering from obstructions. Depending on the kind of blockage, it is possible for these symptoms to develop gradually. This can make it harder to notice them.

As blockages and obstructions in your pipes continue to grow, the symptoms will become more noticeable. Some of the warning signs to look out for can include:

  • Unpleasant Smells, often Sulphuric.
  • Slow to Empty Sinks, Toilets, Showers and Baths.
  • Gurgling Sounds when Drains Clear.
  • Standing Water.
  • Local Flooding and Backwash.
  • Damp and Mould.
  • Water-Logged Soil.

What are the Risks of Blocked Drains in Crewe?

Unfortunately, any kind of blocked drain can lead to serious issues for your property. Failing to eliminate these obstructions in a timely manner can often lead to costly repair work. Blocked drains can cause:

  • Damage to Pipes – As blocked drains can prevent waste from escaping, they will cause the pressure in the pipes to rise. This can easily lead to cracks and even collapsed drains in the system.
  • Health Hazards – When water or food waste is trapped in the drains, they can cause serious heath concerns. In addition to carrying a range of diseases and illnesses, standing water can exacerbate existing conditions. For example, standing water in drains can contribute to asthma attacks.
  • Structural Damage – Over time, blocked drains can cause water and waste to escape your system. This can lead to mould and damp across your property. There is also the risk that escaping water will cause your soil to become waterlogged. This can cause damage to your property’s foundations.

How Will Drainage Engineers Eliminate Blocked Drains in Crewe Properties?

Here at James Drains, our experienced team can deal with all kinds of blockages. As we utilise the latest technology to identify and eliminate blocked drains, we will be able to deliver a quick and reliable service to all our clients.

Over the years, our engineers have eliminated blockages in commercial, industrial and residential drains. We can deliver the same reliable service to clear man-made and natural blockages. As part of our complete services, we can provide:

  • Industry-Leading CCTV Drain Surveys – Using the latest drainage cameras, we can provide a complete overview of your drainage system. We can identify the exact location of blocked drains in your property. We will also be able to alert you to any potential or developing hazards across your home or business.
  • Thanks to our high-quality cameras, we will be able to view your drains in detail. We will also be able to advise you on the causes of your blockages. This can be essential when it comes to preventing them from developing in the future.

  • Drain Rodding – One of the unblocking techniques that we use is drain rodding. Here, our engineers will utilise hard-wearing drain rods to break obstructions apart. This means that they will be able to flow through your drains and leave your property. Drain rodding is a practical and quick solution to softer blockages.
  • High-Pressure Water-Jetting – High-pressure water-jetting involves our engineers forcing water into your system. This high-volume of high-pressure water will work like a car wash. It will be strong enough to clean the insides of your pipes and carry blockages away from your home or business.

To Eliminate Blocked Drains in Crewe Properties, Call James Drains

Over the years, our experienced team of drainage engineers has worked to eliminate blockages of all kinds. We’ve dealt with obstructions in commercial, industrial and residential properties. If you’re suffering due to a man-made or natural blockage, get in touch with our team today.

You can reach our drainage specialists directly by calling us on 0800 037 5112. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email them to us at info@jamesdrainssolutions.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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